Improving Industrial Automation Using the Intelligent Environments Paradigm
WORKSHOP 26 of June 2012


Improving Industrial Automation Using the Intelligent Environments Paradigm

Date: 26 of June 2012

Location: Hotel Camino Real, Guanajuato, México

Workshop located with The 8th International Conference on Intelligent Environments (IE’12)

Intelligent Environments (IE) refer to physical spaces in which IT and other pervasive computing technology are woven and used to achieve specific goals for the user, the environment or both. IE enriches user experience, better manages the environment's resources, and increases user awareness of that environment.

Several aspects of Industrial Automation solutions can be improved using the paradigm of Intelligent Environments. For example improved man machine interfaces, training using intelligent e-learning techniques, augmented reality for in field equipment documentation to name a few. Industrial Automation present in most modern factories already include Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs), Sensors, Actuators in some cases networked to a centralized Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition system (SCADA). We could use these elements as part of Intelligent Environment solutions to lower the cost of implementation.

The objective of this workshop is first to review the current state of the art for Intelligent Environments (from now on we will call it IE), then present some possible examples of areas where this technologies can improve the field of Industrial Automation (from now on we will call it IA). We will also present a short video of an application of Augmented Reality.

In the last part of the workshop we will present a manufacturing company study case from which we will have an interactive discussion with the workshop participants about how to improve the automation systems of this company using Intelligent Environments technologies.
The notes from this discussion will be published in the workshop website.

We will not require that the participants write a paper, we only need their participation on the workshop to search for new possibilities when combining this two areas IE and IA.

We are looking for 4 professionals with experience in the Automation Field on some relevant industry, 4 academic researchers working on one related area to IA and IE and finally 2 representatives from IA part providers, ie. Siemens, Rockwell, Festo or some similar company.

If you fill one of the described profiles and are interested in being part of the development of the next generation Automation solutions, please Contact us and send us your Resume.

You can also Register Here.

They are also invited to participate as part of the audience at people who are interested in learning more about the topic, you only need to register.


04:30 PM - 04:40 PM Introduction and presentation of the workshop objectives and examples by MS Juan Carlos Orozco
04:40 PM - 05:10 PM Keynote PhD Victor Callaghan. Current State of The Art of Intelligent Environments
05:10 PM - 05:20 PM Augmented Reality example videos.
05:20 PM - 05:35 PM Explanation of the methodology of the workshop study case.
05:35 PM - 06:15 PM Study case analysis and discussion by the workshop participants.
06:15 PM - 06:30 PM Workshop Conclusions.
06:30 PM -  --:-- Industrial Forum and Reception.
06:30 PM Managing real-time control over Ethernet in busy industrial Intelligent Environments (IE). Keith Prettyjohns.

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Guanajuato, México

Guanajuato, México

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